1965 born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

1988-1993 BA in photography, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, NL

1998- 1999 MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK

Lives and works in Berlin, Germany




Kunstlicht, Fuhrwerkswaage, Cologne

XENOGLOSSY, solo show, Aanant & Zoo, Berlin


Flânerie, group show, KA-AF, Teheran, Iran

VIEW-MASTER, group show, Aanant & Zoo, Berlin

Transit, group show, ACUD macht neu, Berlin


Panoramic Ave., group show, Kunstsaele Berlin, Berlin


Somos Libres, group show, MATE, Lima, Peru

A group of Six Artists, group show, Galerie Aanant & Zoo, Berlin

Painting Forever: KEILRAHMEN, group show, KW Institute for

Contemporary Art, Berlin

WONDERHUT, solo show, OZEAN, Berlin

Material Conceptualism, group show, Galerie Aanant & Zoo, Berlin

Collection No.2, group show, Interior and the collectors, Lyon, France


VENICE IN FUR, solo show, Galerie ParkT, Amsterdam

ENVY EN ROSE, solo show, Galerie Aanant & Zoo, Berlin

TOPSY TURVY, solo show, L40 , Berlin

From the Age of the Poets, group show, Aanant & Zoo, Berlin

PANIC AND EUPHORIA, solo show, Berlin Weekly, Berlin


LOYAL JELLY, solo show, Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin

WANT, group show,  Galerie Arratia, Beer, Berlin

GROßES GEGENTEIL, solo show, Kunstsaele, Berlin

Solos, group show, OZEAN, Berlin

So it is, capturing, group show, Galerie COMA, Berlin


CURTAIN FUR HOUSE, solo show, SOX, Berlin

The Limits Of Almost, solo show, Galerie COMA, Berlin

Two Suspensions, solo show, 20qm, Berlin

The Pain Game, group show curated by Ellen Blumenstein, Galerie Nosbaum & Reding, Luxembourg,


Männerfantasien­, group show, Galerie COMA, Berlin

It Happens To Be This,  group show, Künstlerhäuser Worpswede

ZERO, group show, Galerie Aanant & Zoo, Berlin


Verregnetes Heu, solo show, Galerie COMA, Berlin

Self-effaced, group show, FA Projects, London, UK


Happiness, group show, Gagosian Gallery Berlin, 4th Berlin Biennial for contemporary art, Berlin

Flutter, group show, Galerie The Approach, London, UK

Flip, group show, Chung King Project, Los Angeles, USA

Well, , solo show Villa De Bank, Enschede,NL


Elsewhere, group show, FA Projects, London, UK

Collage, group show at Bloomberg Space, London, UK

Abstrakter Expressionismus in der zeitgenössischen figurativen Skulptur, group show, Galerie Johann König, Berlin


Stroll / Downtown, group show, Pugh Pugh, Berlin

So geht das also, group show, KMZA Adlershof, Berlin

Ayoub Noa Lara Yassine..... , commission for the Amsterdam Art Fund, NL


Big Mag Space Model, group show, De Appel, Amsterdam, NL

Here and Now, group show, Büro Friedrich, Berlin


Cartoonage, group show, the Trade Apartment, London, UK

Until Tilt, group show, Het Consortium, Amsterdam, NL


Devotie, group show,  W 139, Amsterdam, NL 

Extra Room, group show, Academiegalerie Utrecht, NL

....comes the Spirit, group show, Jerwood Space, London, UK 

EMPTY, solo show, Galerie FA1, London, UK

I Hate You In June, group show MoA, Ein Harod, Israel

Tourist Conspiracy Project, group show, De Fabriek, Eindhoven, NL


Idlewild, group show, The Approach, London, UK

Everything Is Going To Be All Right, Solo show, Transition Galerie, Berlin


Beige and Sneakers,  group show, Büro Friedrich, Berlin